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The Benefits of Small Intimate Weddings


The past year may have you considering a small intimate wedding celebration and we totally understand. Here at the Royal Hotel we love sharing your special days with you and we have come up with a list of reasons why small intimate weddings are special:


  1. It Will Be Easier to Organise

 A small scale, intimate wedding is likely to mean fewer decisions will need to be made than with a large wedding. Your guest list will be simplified and stressful things like seating arrangements won’t require much thought.


  1. You Can Splurge on Special Things

 When you have fewer guests to consider, it means that you have more room to splurge on things like drinks packages, meals, or entertainment. You are likely to still be saving money in comparison to a large wedding but by splurging a little on these things you will make your day more memorable and enjoyable.


  1. You Can Actually Spend Time with Your Guests

 When the guest list is small, newlyweds get the chance to make their guests feel welcome. Guests are also more likely to enjoy their day and feel more relaxed as it is likely that they will know other wedding guests and it will be easier to mingle throughout the day.


  1. DIY Projects Will Be Manageable

 Things like DIY décor and stationery will be far more manageable if you opt for a small intimate wedding. You can get creative and make these small elements feel extremely personal to you, so get yourself on Pinterest and see what you can create on your own.


  1. You Will Avoid Stress!

Overall, it is likely that a small intimate wedding will involve a largely stress-free planning process. The time frame of planning the day can be short and with fewer guests comes fewer expectations to consider. If you are not one for being centre of attention you will also dodge anxiety regarding large audiences and fewer eyes on you throughout the day will make you feel more relaxed and able to enjoy every moment as you should.


Here at The Royal, we love helping make your milestone events special. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us now to discuss your upcoming wedding or event, our team are always happy to help.