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International Womans Day 2022


Happy International Woman’s Day! A day that has been celebrated across the globe for over 100 years which recognises the achievements of women and the progression of gender equality whilst pushing forward for even more. We think this is extremely important and this year we’re celebrating all our RAD women, 63% of our staff are female and we think they are amazing! Within each hotel we have asked staff to nominate an inspiring woman in their team who will each be recognised for the amazing work they do. We have also sat down with the female figurehead of RAD, our owner Vivien, to find out more about what drives her success, what has inspired her over the years and to gain some words of wisdom to help encourage us all!

Vivien’s first business venture took place in 1985 alongside her Husband Robert. The couple opened their own hairdressing salon and although they may no longer call hairdressing their day job, the salon is still owned by the couple today. Since then, the couple have expanded into the hospitality industry with great success, starting off with local pubs before building The RAD Hotel Group as we know it today. 6 stunning venues, an award-winning spa and wedding facilities, plus a growing collection of luxury lodges.

Throughout this journey Vivien has had a particularly imperative role, her innovation and eye for design has allowed the company to stay a cut above its competitors. Vivien has helped create a distinct luxury feel across each of the hotels which the entire brand is built around. Not only does Vivien deal with making sure the brand’s luxury reputation is developed, but she is also constantly ensuring that customers receive the very best RAD standard of care and service from the ground up. Vivien is very hands on in the day-to-day running of the hotels, you may often see her amongst a group of builders, up a ladder, pulling out weeds in the gardens or helping out in a busy restaurant kitchen. One thing’s for sure, nobody can accuse Vivien of being afraid of getting her hands dirty and that’s what we love most about her!

If you need a little bit of motivation or are looking to feel encouraged, Vivien shared the following inspiring insights with us…

 Firstly, we asked why Vivien thinks it’s important for women to start their own businesses:

“I think it’s very important that if a woman has an idea, then they should believe in that idea and go for it 100%. Don’t hold back, go for it!”

Vivien also shared the challenges she has faced as a female business owner, she tells us:

“In the beginning people would assume it was Robert’s businesses when in fact it was very much both of us, they wouldn’t think I was an equal owner. Back then men were more recognised as leaders and entrepreneurs than women, we have come a long way since then, but I think you still need to push yourself to get out there”

We also asked Vivien to share some advice that she would give to women looking to start their own business, she tells us:

“Make a plan and stick to it. At times we can be influenced by people, but if you have that plan and really believe in it then stick with it and have the confidence to go for it and look after your team and customers along the journey”

Finally, we asked Vivien to share what women have inspired her success which she kindly shared with us:

“My Mother and Grandmother, as simple as that. They were the hardest working and strongest women I knew. They have inspired me to be the woman I am today and I’m so glad I had them as role models”

We have loved taking the time to chat with Vivien and hearing some words of motivation from such a successful female leader. We will continue to celebrate our female team members and leaders every day as well as our incredible female customers – you are all amazing!