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Top Tips for Planning a Night out in 2021

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Nights out are back, FINALLY! We are so ready to enjoy nights out again but what’s changed and how should we plan for a night out these days? We’ve rounded up our key tips for planning a night out in 2021 in the hope that we can help you make the most of your night!


  1. Make a Groupchat

Getting your friends together can be a task in itself, so the first point of call when thinking about an upcoming night out should definitely be to get a groupchat going. Groupchats allow your entire group to communicate at once and it should make it a lot easier to finalise your preferred date and actually get the ball rolling with plans. After all, we’re all guilty of agreeing to nights out and catch-ups that never actually happen!


  1. Book In Advance

 Once you have the info you need from the all-important groupchat its time to get these plans set-in stone with bookings. Nights out these days can sometimes be limited in terms of spontaneity and advanced booking is always advised! Luckily though, booking is often easy and can be done with a few simple clicks on a website so what’s stopping you?


  1. Start Early

 Bars closing earlier? Go out earlier! Gone are the days of hitting the town at 9pm, with earlier curfews on bars it means the best nights out actually begin during the day. Plus, if all this means you get to go home and get a good nights sleep at a reasonable time, who’s complaining?


  1. Go all Out!

Let’s face it, we have missed out on some nights out due to covid so now it’s time to make the most of every chance we get. Overdressing isn’t a thing anymore and “too much” is just enough! Get in those rounds of cocktails and don’t feel guilty as we’re simply making up for lost time.


  1. Make it a Habit

 In order to avoid missing out anymore, it’s key that you keep the momentum going after your big night out. Everyone has a lot going on and it’s easy to forget about making plans so straight after your night out, plan the next one! Whether it’s the following month or the following week it’s important that you make these plans before everyone becomes too busy again!


We Can’t Wait for all The Fun Times Ahead in the 1906!

 See You Soon for a Cocktail…